SMMS 7 – Top Discharge

In the wake of pressing global issues like land and resources scarcity, Toshiba remains committed to relentless product innovations to better serve the built environment. SMMS-7 is a purpose-built solution that has been reimagined from ground up, with its heat exchanger, accumulator, and compressor specifically redesigned to deliver top cooling performance in tropical climates while minimizing carbon footprint. An air conditioning well suited for small and medium-size buildings, SMMS-7 is an extraordinary invention that combines high efficiency and performance with the care for a sustainable environment for future generations.

Efficient cooling

The heat exchanger of SMMS-7 VRF is now longer with fewer paths and branches, optimized for cooling. The increase in core thickness and suction pipe diameter in the SMMS-7 VRF twin rotary compressor is designed to maximize performance.

By engineering every component to deliver efficient cooling for the tropical climate, the SMMS-7 VRF has best-in-class efficiency of up to 4.82 at full load and 7.27 at 50% load.

Compact design

Smaller and lighter chassis offers greater design and installation flexibility.

Environmentally friendly Components are reengineered to reduce the system refrigerant by up to 30%, thus reducing environmental impact. Flexible design

Diversity factor of up to 200% enhances the SMMS-7 VRF system design flexibility, removing constraints on installation location and space configuration.


Expanded operating temperature up to 52 degrees minimizes disruption to operation Unique oil management system that regulates compressor lubrication and enhancing reliability

Convenience Secure space for easy installation and maintenance in machine area.
Outdoor units


Standard model
Capacity 8HP 10HP 12HP 14HP 16HP 18HP 20HP 22HP 24HP
Model Name (MMY) MAP0807T8P MAP1007T8P MAP1207T8P MAP1407T8P MAP1607T8P MAP1807T8P MAP2007T8P MAP2207T8P MAP2407T8P
Cooling capacity (kW) 22.4 28.0 33.5 40.0 45.0 50.4 56.0 61.5 67.0
NEA Tick Rating 5√√√√√ 4√√√√ 3√√√ 2√√ 2√√ 2√√ 2√√ 2√√ 2√√
Capacity 26HP 28HP 30HP 32HP 34HP 36HP 38HP
Model Name (MMY) AP2617T8P AP2817T8P AP3017T8P AP3217T8P AP3417T8P AP3617T8P AP3817T8P
Units in combination (MMY) MAP1407T8P MAP1207T8P MAP1407T8P MAP1407T8P MAP1607T8P MAP1407T8P MAP1607T8P MAP1607T8P MAP1807T8P MAP1607T8P MAP1807T8P MAP1807T8P MAP2007T8P MAP1807T8P
Cooling capacity (kW) 73.5 80.0 85.0 90.0 95.4 100.8 106.4
Capacity 40HP 42HP 44HP 46HP 48HP
Model Name (MMY) AP4017T8P AP4217T8P AP4417T8P AP4617T8P AP4817T8P
Units in combination (MMY) MAP2007T8P MAP2007T8P MAP1407T8P MAP1407T8P MAP1407T8P MAP1607T8P MAP1407T8P MAP1407T8P MAP1807T8P MAP1407T8P MAP1407T8P MAP2007T8P MAP1407T8P MAP1407T8P
Cooling capacity (kW) 26HP 28HP 30HP 32HP 34HP
Capacity 50HP 52HP 54HP 56HP 58HP 60HP
Model Name (MMY) AP5017T8P AP5217T8P AP5417T8P AP5617T8P AP5817T8P AP6017T8P
Units in combination (MMY) MAP2007T8P MAP1607T8P MAP1407T8P MAP2007T8P MAP1807T8P MAP1407T8P MAP2007T8P MAP2007T8P MAP1407T8P MAP2007T8P MAP2007T8P MAP1607T8P MAP2007T8P MAP2007T8P MAP1807T8P MAP2007T8P MAP2007T8P MAP2007T8P
Cooling capacity (kW) 141.0 146.4 152.0 157.0 162.4 168.0
  • Power: 3-phase 400V (380 – 415V)
  • The source voltage must not fluctuate more than ±10%
  • Rated conditions
  • Cooling: Indoor air temperature 27°C DB/19°C WB, outdoor air temperature 35°C DB
High efficiency Model
Capacity 14HP 16HP 18HP 20HP 22HP 24HP
Model Name (MMY) MAP14A7T8P AP1627T8P AP1827T8P AP2027T8P AP2227T8P AP2427T8P
Units in combination (MMY) MAP0807T8P MAP0807T8P MAP1007T8P MAP0807T8P MAP1007T8P MAP1007T8P MAP1207T8P MAP1007T8P MAP0807T8P MAP0807T8P MAP0807T8P
Cooling capacity (kW) 40.0 44.8 50.4 56.0 61.5 67.2
NEA Tick Rating 3√√√
Capacity 26HP 28HP 30HP 32HP 34HP
Model Name (MMY) AP2627T8P AP2827T8P AP3027T8P AP3227T8P AP3427T8P
Units in combination (MMY) MAP14A7T8P MAP1207T8P MAP14A7T8P MAP14A7T8P MAP1007T8P MAP1007T8P MAP1007T8P MAP1207T8P MAP1007T8P MAP1007T8P MAP1207T8P MAP1207T8P MAP1007T8P
Cooling capacity (kW) 73.5/td> 80.0 84.0 89.5 95.0
Capacity 36HP 38HP 40HP 42HP
Model Name (MMY) AP3627T8P AP3827T8P AP4027T8P AP4227T8P
Units in combination (MMY) MAP1207T8P MAP1207T8P MAP1207T8P MAP14A7T8P MAP1207T8P MAP1207T8P MAP14A7T8P MAP14A7T8P MAP1207T8P MAP14A7T8P MAP14A7T8P MAP14A7T8P
Cooling capacity (kW) 105.0 107.0 113.5 120.0
Capacity 44HP 46HP 48HP 50HP 52HP 54HP
Model Name (MMY) AP4427T8P AP4627T8P AP4827T8P AP5027T8P AP5227T8P AP5427T8P
Units in combination (MMY) MAP1607T8P MAP14A7T8P MAP14A7T8P MAP1807T8P MAP14A7T8P MAP14A7T8P MAP1607T8P MAP1607T8P MAP1607T8P MAP1807T8P MAP1607T8P MAP1607T8P MAP1807T8P MAP1807T8P MAP1607T8P MAP1807T8P MAP1807T8P MAP1807T8P
Cooling capacity (kW) 125.0 130.4 135.0 140.4 145.8 151.2
Indoor units
Cooling capacity (HP) 4-way air discharge cassette type (MMU-) Compact 4-way cassette type (MMU-) 2-way air discharge cassette type (MMU-) 1-way air discharge cassette type (MMU-) Slim duct type (MMD-) Super Slim duct type (MMD-) Concealed duct high static pressure type (MMD-) Concealed type (MMD-)
2.2 kW (0.8 HP) AP0077MH-E AP0072WH1 AP0074YH1-E AP0074SPH1-E AP0076M(P)HY* AP0076BHP1-E
2.5 kW (0.9HP) AP0086M(P)HY*
2.8 kW (1.0 HP) AP0094HP1-E AP0097MH-E AP0092WH1 AP0094YH1-E AP0094SPH1-E AP0096M(P)HY AP0096BHP1-E
3.2kW (1.1HP) AP0106M(P)HY*
3.6 kW (1.25HP) AP0124HP1-E AP0127MH-E AP0122WH1 AP0124YH1-E AP0124SPH1-E AP0126M(P)HY* AP0126BHP1-E
4.0 kW (1.5HP) AP0146M(P)HY*
4.5 kW (1.7 HP) AP0154HP1-E AP0157MH-E AP0152WH1 AP0154SH1-E AP0154SPH1-E AP0156M(P)HY AP0156BHP1-E
5.0 kW (1.85HP) AP0176M(P)HY*
5.6 kW (2.0 HP) AP0184HP1-E AP0187MH-E AP0182WH1 AP0184SH1-E AP0184SPH1-E AP0186M(P)HY* AP0186HP1-E AP0186BHP1-E
6.3 kW (2.25HP) AP0206M(P)HY*
7.1 kW (2.5HP) AP0244HP1-E AP0242WH1 AP0244SH1-E AP0244SPH1-E AP0246M(P)HY* AP0246HP1-E AP0246BHP1-E
8.0 kW (3.0 HP) AP0274HP1-E AP0272WH1 AP0274SPH1-E AP0276M(P)HY* AP0276HP1-E AP0276BHP1-E
9.0 kW (3.2 HP) AP0304HP1-E AP0302WH1 AP0306BHP1-E
11.2 kW (4.0 HP) AP0364HP1-E AP0362WH1 AP0366HP1-E AP0366BHP1-E
14.0 kW (5.0 HP) AP0484HP1-E AP0482WH1 AP0486HP1-E AP0486BHP1-E
16.0 kW (6.0 HP) AP0564HP1-E AP0562WH1 AP0566HP1-E AP0566BHP1-E
22.4 kW (8.0 HP) AP0726HP-E
28.0 kW (10.0 HP) AP0966HP-E
Ceiling, High wall and console type
Cooling capacity (HP) Ceiling type (MMC-) High wall type Series 7 (MMK-) Floor standing concealed type (MML-) Floor standing cabinet type (MML-) Console type (MML-) Floor standing type (MMF-) Large capacity floor standing type Direct blow (MMF-) Large capacity floor standing type Duct (MMF-)
2.2 kW (0.8 HP) AP0077HP-E AP0074BH1-E AP0074H1-E AP0074NH1-E
2.8 kW (1.0 HP) AP0097HP-E AP0094BH1-E AP0094H1-E AP0094NH1-E
3.6 kW (1.25 HP) AP0127HP-E AP0124BH1-E AP0124H1-E AP0124NH1-E
4.5 kW (1.7 HP) AP0158HP-E AP0157HP-E AP0154BH1-E AP0154H1-E AP0154NH1-E AP0156H1-E
5.6 kW (2.0 HP) AP0188HP-E AP0187HP-E AP0184BH1-E AP0184H1-E AP0184NH1-E AP0186H1-E
7.1 kW (2.5 HP) AP0248HP-E AP0247HP-E AP0244BH1-E AP0244H1-E AP0246H1-E
8.0 kW (3.0 HP) AP0278HP-E AP0276H1-E
11.2 kW (4.0 HP) AP0368HP-E AP0366H1-E
14.0 kW (5.0 HP) AP0488HP-E AP0486H1-E
16.0 kW (6.0 HP) AP0568HP-E AP0566H1-E
22.4 kW (8.0 HP) AP0724H-VA/VB AP0724DH-V
28.0 kW (10.0 HP) AP0964H-VA/VB AP0964DH-V
45.0 kW (16.0 HP) AP1444H-VA/VB AP1444DH-V
56.0 kW (20.0 HP) AP1924H-VA/VB AP1924DH-V
Air volume Fresh air intake indoor unit type (MMD-) Air to air heat exchanger with DX coil (MMD-) Air to air heat exchanger**
150 m³/h VN-M150HE
250 m³/h VN-M250HE
350 m³/h VN-M350HE
500 m³/h VN502HEX1E VN-M500HE
650 m³/h VN-M650HE
800 m³/h VN802HEX1E VN-M800HE
1000 m³/h VN1002HEX1E / HEX1E2* VN-M1000HE
1500 m³/h VN-M1500HE
2000 m³/h VN-M2000HE
1080 m³/h AP0481HFE
1680 m³/h AP0721HFE
2100 m³/h AP0961HFE