Side Discharge single fan 4-5 HP

Compact design for flexible application in small or narrow spaces
  • Compressor type: Twin Rotary
  • Maximum number of IDU: 8
  • Compatible with all Carrier Indoor Units & Controls
Easy installation
  • 2 faces – 4 handles : easy to carry
  • ‘888’ Test panel
  • 4-way pipe connection : easy to install
Compact discharge design
  • Lower to 90 kg net weight
  • Compact design with only 0,35m2 footprint
  • Limited refrigerant charge with 3.3 kg
DC fan and motor :
  • Brings higher efficiency to running partial load
Large diameter fan
  • Superior comfort with an aerodynamics fan
  • Lowers sound level by 3dB(A)


Refrigerant: R-410A

Type of outdoor unit: Side discharge

Capacity: 4/5 HP