39TC | Air Handling Unit

  • Multi-functional options
  • Flexible applications
  • Centralized intelligent control
  • Ease of operation
  • Panel thickness: 50 mm
  • High performance filtration and UVGI options available
There are 2 options
  • 39TAC, insulation thickness = 25mm. With AHRI Certification (CD4/ CL2/ CT2).
  • 39TBC, insulation thickness = 50mm. With AHRI Certification (CD1/ CL1/ CT1).
Patented structure, low air leakage rate
  • Provides low air leakage formed by using aluminium selections with concave and convex chamfer at joints of AHU body and tightening with bolts and nuts.
Robust structural design
  • Has an aluminium alloy frame and a hidden metal inner frame, in which the former constitutes a rigid body with high resistance to torsion by using a tenon structure and tightening with bolts and nuts, while the latter greatly improves the strength of the unit.
Flat interior, applicable for purification applications
  • Flat interiorly and has no insulation strips, seals and small cumbersome parts, making it ideal for purifying air conditioning and IAQ. The inner panel can be of hot dip galvanized panel, color panel or stainless steel panel.
Prevention of cold bridge and rust
  • All metals inside are isolated from those outside by means of polyurethane foaming and specially designed seals, eliminating insulation strips commonly used in general AHUs and therefore preventing the cold bridge.
Levelling device
  • Provided on the base, which levels individual AHU body before connecting functional sections of two AHUs, ensuring seamless connection of AHUs.
Professional selection software
  • Selected by professional selection software which is programmed in strict accordance with laws of engineering and modified according to actual service to provide more reliable software.

Airflow range: 1567 – 280000 m³/h

Modular Air handling Unit