AquaEdge® with Greenspeed®

The 19DV Centrifugal Chiller with Greenspeed Intelligence integrates a new generation of innovative technologies including ceramic bearings system, EquiDrive™ back-to-back compressor and falling film evaporator with low GWP PUREtec™ R-1233zd(E) refrigerant and SmartView™ control. With a brand new “Free Cooling” option, cooling capacity can be provided without power consumption at extremely low lift condition. The 19DV is the ideal solution for extremely reliable and economical operation, quieter performance, smarter controls, flexible installation as well as sustainable development.

Unmatched Performance

  • 19DV chillers can achieve up to 7.3 full load COPR and 12.3 IPLV.IP at AHRI conditions.
  • Swift restart – 19DV can restart within 30 seconds (with UPS) after power recovery (there would be around 5-seconds tolerance due to different site conditions) and quickly regain capacity, providing added reliability for mission critical facilities such as data center applications.
  • GreenspeedTM variable speed control gives a instantaneous control of compressor speed to adapt building load changes perfectly, which ensures that the chiller is always operating efficiently at both full load and part load.

Robust & Optimized Operation

  • Refrigerant lubricated ceramic bearings.
  • Balanced thrusts by back-to-back two-stage compressor design.
  • 10% low load operation.
  • High tier variable speed starter equipped with harmonic filter (optional), total harmonic distortion (THD) ≤5% and fully complies with IEEE519 standard.

Environmental Leadership

  • PUREtecTM application for R-1233zd(E) of GWP~1.
  • Higher energy efficiency to reduce carbon emission.
  • Carrier pioneer falling film evaporator design helps reduce the refrigerant charge significantly.


Cooling capacity : 1,055~2,814 kW

Water-Cooled Centrifugal Chiller with VFD
With R-1233zd(E) Refrigerant