39TF | Air Handling Unit

Low air leakage rate: Formed by aluminum sections with concave and convex chamfer at the AHU body, the patented labyrinth seal structure provides low air leakage.

Robust:The AHU has an aluminum alloy frame and a hidden metal inner frame, in which the former constitutes a rigid body with high resistance to torsion by using a tenon structure and tightening with bolts and nuts, while the latter greatly improves the strength of the unit.

High performance filtration and UVGI options.
Airflow range: 1000 to 15000 m³/h.

Anti Cold Bridge and Rust: All internal metals are are isolated from those outside through polyurethane foaming and specially designed seals, eliminating the use of insulation strips which commonly found in usual AHUs and therefore preventing the cold bridge. Frames of aluminum sections are embedded around all panels, completely isolating corners of metal panel from air and moisture and thereby preventing rust spot on panels.

No Water Leakage: The unit adopts the one-piece drain pan, which is covered by seamlessly integrated insulation materials after overall coating using the Germany advanced spraying equipment. The drain pan installed on the unit base can act as prevention of water leakage both during installation and use.

Mechatronic Control: The unit uses large LCD screen and touch keys and supports features such as one-key startup, automatic operation, and multi-status display. It is equipped with highly-reliable single-chip microcomputer with a super anti-interference ability. In addition, there are a variety of outer interlocking accessories, and interfaces reserved for the fire valve, fresh air valve (starting and stopping simultaneously with the air supply motor), and water valve control.

Airflow range: 1,000~15,000 m3/h

Air Handling Unit – Ceiling Type
Suspended Package
Double Wall