• Non-ozone depleting
  • Economical operation
  • Flexible combination
  • Quiet operation
  • Superior reliability
  • Auto-adaptive control
  • Direct Building Automation Sysem (BAS) connection through Modbus
The AquaSnap® 30RB modular chiller provide compact footprint and quick installation benefiting customer high efficiency and flexible system solution.

Performance Features

  • Non-ozone depleting R-410A refrigerant, Chlorine-free, ODP=0
  • R-410A refrigerant gives an increased energy efficiency ratio
  • High full load energy efficiency leads to extremely low operating cost
  • Multiple module has lower start-up current, and increased energy efficiency at part load
  • Low noise scroll compressors with low vibration levels
  • Condenser coils in V shape with an open angle, allows quieter air flow across the coil
  • Low-noise Flying Bird fans enjoy quieter operation and free of intrusive low frequency noise
  • Base module has compact footprint, easy for shipping, lifting and installation
  • Maximum 8 module could stack up for one control system, easy for system capacity extension

Reliability Features

  • Robust protection by smart control against reverse protection, low water temperature, low/high pressure, overload etc.
  • No interruption of other modules due to anyone not working right.

Maintenance Features

  • Monitoring all control and security data in real time communicating with BAS
  • Timely alarm and measures to common errors
  • Less maintenance on water pump system by hydronic kit
  • Standardized components bring easy replacement or repair.
  • No interruption of system due to any module in maintenance.

Installation Features

  • Outdoor hydronic module including all necessary hydronic components
  • Unit connected in lateral direction only, ease of water piping connection
  • Systematic factory operation test before shipment

30RB Modular

Cooling capacity: 65~130 kW

Modular Air Cooled Scroll Chiller
With R-410A Refrigerant


  • Anti-corrosion coating
  • Low ambient operation
  • Heat recovery
  • External hydronic module