TPW series water-cooled package unit (floor-standing type) is a user-friendly unitary air conditioning unit that features mature technology, compact structure, simple installation, reliable performance and high EER. It can be widely used in new or reconstructed industrial and commercial sites such as factory buildings, hospitals, schools, shopping malls, and banks. The TPW series water-cooled package unit (floor-standing type) is classified into six models. Of which, TPW030 also supports direct discharge for scenarios where air supply pipe is not required, except for the standard air duct connection. The other models are standard duct type units. Cutting-edge components: High-efficiency scroll compressor, High-efficiency heat exchanger, IP55 rated high performance fans. Reliable: ISO 9001 certified. The unit has been tested online by the performance testing lab to ensure that the unit performance meets the requirements. Intelligent Control: Microcomputer control system that automatically adjusts the operating status of the equipment according to the temperature and other related parameters to meet the requirements of indoor operating conditions, thus achieving the best effect. Remote power-on/off + centralized remote control + building automation. User-friendly UI.

Capacity Range: 29~165 KW Floor Standing Type With R-410A Refrigerant