Top Discharge

Provides cooling with incredible efficiency and ensures continuous comfort indoors.
  • Compressor type: DC inverter scroll
  • Maximum number of IDU: 64
  • Compatible with all Carrier Indoor Units & Controls
  • Combine up to 104 HP
Advanced black-coated fin technology
  • For enhanced corrosion resistance
Advanced separator
  • lmproves refrigerant distribution balance
Anti-liquid shock technology
  • Reduces liquid shock failure rate
10-stage oil return technology
  • Smooth supply of lubricant
  • Protects the compressor and the system
High-efficiency outdoor fan and DC inverter stepless fan motor Easy access
  • The design of the outdoor unit is optimized to open to 120° allowing complete access to internal components
One button trial operation
  • Saves up to 10% trial operation time
 Flexible long piping length
  • The Piping can go up to 1000m length and offers a maximum of 110m height difference
  • Easily serves high-rise buildings


Refrigerant: R-410A

Type of outdoor unit: Top discharge

Capacity: 8-26 HP