• Reliable screw compressor
  • Compact foot print
  • Auto adaptive control
  • Quick & easy installation
  • Safe operation
  • Exceptional endurance test
  • Economizer system
  • Efficient heat exchanger
  • Multiple circuit design
  • Environmentally sustainable

Reliable Screw Compressor

  • Carrier’s own ‘06T’ semi-hermetic screw compressor with direct driven motor
  • Variable capacity slide valve
  • Oversized bearing and suction gas cooled motor
  • All components are easily accessible on site – minimized down time
  • Patented line-design rotors and microprocessor control – guaranted accurate refrigerant meshing & enhanced service life

Compact Foot Print

  • 1.0 m ~ 1.2 m width – easy through standard doorway
  • Saves plant room space – reduces investment
  • Best choice for new construction and retrofit projects

Auto Adaptive Control

  • Automatic compressor unloading in case of abnormally high condensing pressure
  • Patented control algorithm preventing excessive compressor cycling

Quick & Easy Installation

  • Simplified electrical connection
    • Main disconnect switch with high trip capacity
    • Transformer to supply integrated control circuit
  • Simplified hydronic connection
    • Victaulic connection on evaporator & condenser
    • 2 pass design – Inlet/Outlet on same side
    • Only electrical wiring & piping connection needed at site

Safe Operation

  • Reversal/phase loosing protection
  • Compressor protected against thermal overload, high pressure and low oil pressure
  • Automatic compressor unloading in case of excessing condensing temperature
  • Protection against current imbalance and electrical overload
  • Low chilled water temperature protection

Exceptional Endurance Test

  • Partnerships with specialised laboratories and use of limit simulation tools (finite element calculation) for the design of critical components
  • Transport simulation test in the laboratory on a vibrating table and then on endurance circuit

Economizer System

  • Economizer system with EXV permits considerable increase in cooling capacity and contributes to optimized efficiency
  • Electronic expansion valve (EXV) allows operation at lower condensing pressure and improved utilization of evaporator heat exchange surface (superheat control)

Efficient Heat Exchanger

  • High efficiency flooded evaporator
  • Inbuilt electronic flow switch
  • Auto setting basis cooler size and fluid type

Multiple Circuit Design

  • Independent refrigerant circuits
  • Independent electrical circuits

Environmentally Sustainable

  • HFC-134a refrigerant
    • Refrigerant of the HFC group with zero ozone depletion potential
  • Leak-tight refrigerant circuit
    • Reduction of leaks as no capillary tubes and flare connections are used
    • Verification of pressure transducers and temperature sensors without transferring refrigerant charge


Cooling capacity: 571~1,292 kW

Water Cooled Screw Liquid Chiller
With R-134a Refrigerant