High Static Duct 0 – 250 Pa

  • Compact 280 mm height
  • 6.35 mm coil copper pipe to ensure more precise & efficient refrigerant distribution
  • Top-performing composite material fan wheel blower with light air resistance
  • ESP can be changed according to requirements to minimize the noise
  • Installer-friendly buckle design of electric box & pull-out fan motor design
  • Built in drain-pump

Slim, light weight and compact design
  • Uniform 280 mm in height
Built-in drain pump
  • With 600 mm pump head
Energy saving
  • 6:35mm heat exchange tube ensures more precise refrigerant distribution and higher efficiency
  • High performance composite material wind wheel, light and small air resistance
  • Washable filter included
  • Multi-gear air speed selection
  • Ultra thin and compact design
  • Adjustable static pressure
  • Flexible selection according to the actual installation
  • Drain pump
  • Optional drain pump


Type: Duct

Motor type: DC

Capacity: 2.2 – 28 kW