Compact Four-Way Cassette

  • Compact design: installation restrictions reduced to enable high flexibility
  • ldeal for standard ceiling tiles and small rooms: 570*570 mm body size and 620*620 mm panel size
  • Built-in drain pump
  • lndependent control of four-way air flow
  • Low sound level, high-efficiency and comfort
  • Knockout hole for outside air

Compact Design
  • Extremely compact casing (570 mm in width and 260 mm in depth)
  • All models can be installed without a hoist
Easy service and maintenance
  • Easy removal of air filters for cleaning
  • Easy access to indoor unit components
Built-in drain pump
  • With 1200 mm pumphead
  • Reserved fresh air inlet
  • Washable filter included
  • Multi-gear air speed selection


Type: Cassette

Motor type: DC

Capacity: 1.5 – 5.6 kW

  • Optional panel