Slim A

Model Number: CAFN050HC1
  • The air purifier filters the air through 3 stages of filtration:
  1. Pre-filter: Filters larger dust particles, hair and dead skin.
  2. HEPA Filter: Removes smaller particles of size PM0.3–2.5, pollens and allergens.
  3. Activated Carbon Filter: Keeps the room smelling fresh by eliminating pet odour, smoke, paints and VOCs
  • Anti-Virus HEPA filter Tested with Influenza virus A (H3N2); 99.99% removal; Korea Testing & Research Institute
  • 18-Level Speed Control Enables flexible fan speed adjustment ranging from gentle breeze to powerful blowing.
  • Aesthetics Elegant Design, Swing, special touch wheel control to adjust fan speed
  • Ventilation Alarm Monitors Co2 levels and updates whenever you need to open your windows to introduce fresh air.
  • Smart Auto Mode Built-in dust and gas sensors diagnose indoor air quality and keep your space pleasant by:
    • Multifunctional: Air purification and deodorization
    • Air Quality monitor with digital PM 2.5 indicator, PM 10 indicator, CO2 indicator
    • GAS Color indicator for VOCs
    • Combined colour indicator for PM level and VOCs
    • Sleek remote control for easy operation
    • Turbo mode
    • Filter replacement cycle alarm
    • Safety Lock
    • Auto Stop Setting
    • Low Power consumption (80 Watts) BLDC motor

Model Number: CAFN050HC1

Filter: HEPA H13 Anti-Virus Filter

Capacity: CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of 1,600 m3/h

Coverage Area: Upto 2,400 Sq. Ft

Description: With a coverage area of upto 2,400 Sq Ft and an elegant design, SLIM A is an ideal to provide for cleaner air in style. It comes with HEPA 13 filter and an additional anti-virus HEPA filter to keep viruses and bacteria at bay. This anti-virus HEPA filter is tested for removing upto 99.99% of Influenza virus A (H3N2); in Korea Testing & Research Institute

The product is ideal for high end retail, restaurants and cafes, office lobbies etc.