Two-Way Console

  • ompact design makes installation flexible and easy on the floor or against the wall
  • Five speed airflow and two-way airflow mode that automatically adjusts for extra comfort and flexibility
  • Automatic adjusting to carpet airflow when switched to two-way airflow mode
  • Stylish & elegant design

Easy installation
  • The indoor units can be installed on the floor or on the wall. Its flexibility allows for easy installation.
Compact unit, space saving
  • The console indoor unit is very slim and will be harmonious with any room. It can be placed at the corner, and is very space saving.
  • Washable filter included
  • Multi-gear air speed selection
  • Streamlined design
  • Easily fits in with different interior designs
  • Easy diassembly of the maintenance panel


Type: Floor standing units

Motor type: DC

Capacity: 1.5 – 5 kW